From conventional RFID tags to customized RFID tags

Creative & Innovative & Eco-friendly RFID Tag   

Eco-friendly Inlay Tag

A green RFID inlay with a creative unique design by capacitive coupling, laser die-cutting technology.​


Integrating both interface of wireless communication in one chip. The tag can be tracking device for logistic

RFID self Adhesive Tag for Apparel

SThe common and the cheapest way for Apparel & Footwear. HUHUI can provide customized RFID

Eco-friendly RFID Inlay Tag

– RFID expertise in converting and inserting across a wide range of materials.
– Robust capabilities in designing and manufacturing challenging RFID tags, with 100% inspection.
– Strong partnerships and collaborations within both domestic and international markets. – Key partner for Avery Dennison & UPM in Asia, as well as Storaenso in China.
– Provided beverage labels for Decathlon and Mars food projects.
– Developed the world’s largest memory temperature logger RFID tag with HF/NFC/UHF interfaces.
– Committed to eco-friendly environmental protection.
-Developed a range of premium healthcare products, including RFID tags and labels that are tamper-proof and provide essential information to hospitals, pharmacists, and patients.


We continue to explore new RFID structures and materials. As RFID technology is still a nascent field in science and technology, our engineers are open to researching different approaches, including materials, performance enhancements, novel methods for applying RFID on metal or liquid surfaces, as well as challenges associated with deploying RFID in extreme environments or for highly specialized purposes.